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Bhavya Cements Limited (BCL) promoted by Sri Venigalla Ananda Prasad, Managing Director along with highly competent and successful technocrats. 

Sri V Ananda Prasad and associates have been in the construction business for the last 18 years.

BCL has been incorporated in April 2007 with the main objects of manufacture of cement  at Thangeda, Near Dachepalli, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Bhavya Cements Limited has an annual capacity of 1.4 million tonnes. It manufactures and markets Ordinary Portland Cement, 53(S) Portland Cement for manufacture of Railway sleepers,  Portland Pozzalona Cement, Suphate resisting portland cement,  and Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement to use at sea coast.

Top 5 of Bhavya Cement
  • Classification: Cement particle size distribution gives very good strength.

  • Fons Cooler:  Fons cooler produces very good clinker nodules and better quality clinker.

  • Rapid cooling of clinker gives cement quick setting due to good crystal formation.

  • Blending silo:  The Blending aspects ratio gives efficiency as well as uniform chemistry of Raw Meal.

  • Advanced automation (DCS) gives consistent quality of clinker product and cement.



BCL has approvals to increase the plant to 4 million tonnes capacity.



Plant Machinery is very contemporary and suitable to produce wide variety of cements.



Having limestone mines of highest quality. Mineral available is suitable for all varieties of cements.



Our inherent strenghts are:  

  • Highly competent men,

  • Latest generation sophisticated machinery

  • Highest quality minerals


which are the three important  prerequisites (M3, Men, Machinery and Materials) for any good product (The fourth M being marketing for successful organization).



From the day one, Bhavya cements is a success story and start first in all areas of its activities.


Produced highest quality cement.  The Bhavya brand produced from this factory was well received and respected by the market.


Our strength is our top management, which is very forward looking and society friendly who care for the well being of our customers.


Quality consistency is an on going activity at Bhavya cements.  Our top management's priority is always to implement new technologies with in a time frame even at a huge investment and to be one of the best quality cement producing industry in India.


Quality was given the prime importance even during the construction stage of the project itself.  The layout planning, equipment sizing, technology absorption etc. were considered purely based on quality aspect of view.


Our plant machinery and laboratory is ready to produce special products if any, is required by the market for super specialty applications.



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